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Feminist talk about equality and that women should be able to do things on their own but yet on sugar daddy what do you have?Girls looking for a guy to take care of them in pro way.The dating app sees more than 1 billion profile swipes a day, but only 12 million of those turn into matches.And an even tinier percentage of those turn into actual dates, according to the .Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Authentic People, Saner Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Greater Freedoms and More! Considering that many HAers end up Winstoning(p4p)/Falconing/Ladislaving on their travels maybe this is a REAL alternative to HA?Suppose you decide to go to PI to spend a month of having fun with girls, it will easily cost you at least 5-6k(hotel, flights, food, drinks, sex,etc) Its not bad approach to solve the problem of dating scene in anglosphere It can be OK for rich guys..for regulars not really..all this proves that feminist are full of shit.Vancouver-based programmer Justin Long made headlines last week with his new automated Tinderbot that selects ideal partners based on facial recognition preferences and then initiates chats with them.

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And as previous studies have shown, men are much more prone to risk-taking than women, and that translates from everything from gambling at a casino to online dating apps.

For women, the study said, it pays to be discerning in the dating game because there is such a thing as a "good" or "bad" male mate (a "bad" mate being one who, for example, shows an unwillingness to care for offspring).

But for men, with the main objective of simply mating, it pays to just attract any woman.

I really don't know where this world is going too.. I feel it's because it goes back to what I moaned and touted about for years on-end.

I mean allot things are f***ed [email protected], Your excitement deserves to be laughed at. Even some of you veterans on here don't understand my disposition when it comes to languages.

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