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This is the first time that a typeface, created specifically for a city, is integrated with Microsoft and is available for free to all users worldwide. It is an embodiment of a vision – one of promoting literacy, unity, and forward-thinking laced with tradition, carrying within it aspirations beyond its outlines.

It is young, dynamic, and full of passion and energy.

The result was a harmonious meeting of old and new, local and global. The company behind some of the world’s most famous typefaces, Monotype, was commissioned by The Executive council of Dubai to design the Dubai Font.

Monotype is a leader in empowering expression and engagement through a combination of type, technology and expertise. Nadine Chahine, an award-winning type designer working as the UK Type Director and Legibility Expert at Monotype.

This Font will reach at least 180 countries and approximately 100 million users all over the world.

Where values like Modernity, Smartness and being Bold, define development and shape our future.Expression is the way everyone shares their thoughts, ideas and emotions.Writing is a form of expressing oneself and Dubai is giving the world a new tool to communicate with. Designed to unite the world through the power of expression.To spread the message across the world and to truly promote literacy and education, Microsoft has helped turn a vision into a reality.The organization is dedicated to bettering and enabling people with the tools necessary to facilitate individuality through self-expression.

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