Eclipse updating indexes forever

If neccessary, install SCM connectors for m2e by clicking the link in the lower right corner of the dialogue. Using the Eclipse Maven plugin can sometimes be a bit bumpy.

You also might have to update the project configuration. The error message above often means that a download of a library was not successful, which you can easily check by opening the path in the error message and checking the file and update the project dependencies.

You can disable this in the Maven configuration: Disable "Download Artifact Sources" and "Download Artifact Java Doc".

You can also run mvn install from the console, which often solves these kinds of problems and less prone to errors during downloading.

Once for each workspace, Eclipse needs to know the path to the local maven repository.

Therefore the classpath variable M2_REPO has to be set.

Take a look here (under "Installation of the service (CVS and maven instructions)").

A more clean method to deploy an updated skin is to increase the version. Deploy the skin as described in the previous section.

You can skip this step if it fails and you just want to get the project into eclipse.

Deploying into the remote 52°North repository is only needed if you want to share libraries with other projects or you want to upload something for your team that is not in a shared repository.

Installing into your local maven-repository means that maven downloads all dependencies from remote repositories into its local cache.

Furthermore Maven complies your local sourcecode and creates packages in your local maven-repository.

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