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The sun sets and rises on him, and his feelings of superiority are only increased if he is an only son, or is born after a long number of years 'trying for a boy' or after a couple of girls.

As a child, he is not expected to help clean up, organize his room, or basically do any chores.

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His little sister does, picking up the orange juice cups while he watches cartoons.

The Egyptian mother-son relationship is very freaky. His mother does everything for him from the day he is born to at least the day he leaves her house to get married.

And therefore, he will put you down, belittle you, cut you down to size, point out your flaws, and make you believe it's always your fault. If he's rich enough to get you a maid and you don't work, then he thinks you do nothing.

The husband – wife relationship was based on suppression on his part and mere surrender on hers. Although Mahfouz wrote this novel long ago, influenced by the social conditions prevailing at that time, and in spite of the fact that such conditions have been changed as a result of the major shift in social norms, the novel still represents the real character of the Egyptian man even after being polished by claimed modernity. He is expected to pay for everything and from the way he was raised, he doesn't think what she does (giving birth, raising kids, taking care of the home) means anything.

So no matter how modern, educated, progressive, liberal etc the Egyptian man thinks he is, this is what he really wants to be. He's 'westernized' in a negative sense—let's drink and party and be merry but not work hard. He is taught that if he is not in control, if he isn't domineering, he has lost his dick. And if he is rich, unlike so many Egyptian men, he thinks you should be grateful—so many other women would die for a guy like him.

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