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There can be no more doubt when, on "Female Demands", a girlfriendish voice casually tells Herren to "fuck with the beat here" only to be throttled by digital effects; the rest of the track feels like a giant damaged gynorcism. Meanwhile, straight meters are often sprinkled with triplet ligaments, propelling the beat with an uncommonly light touch.Before we know it, we're desperately trying to forget her, bumping with another woman who croons "you... But Prefuse's rhythmic sophistication isn't just about alternating threes and fours-- as the lesson goes, it takes two interlocked meters to make African music. What the vice president’s nonresponse did deliver was a very cogent message: the rules apply to you, but not to us. Pitchfork gave it a 9.1: Up to now, Scott Herren-- the shy, lanky Atlantan responsible for Prefuse 73's fabulous glitch-hop debut Vocal Studies Uprock Narratives-- hasn't made his name as a purveyor of confessional music.Sooner or later, it sinks in that we're in the company of an emotional fugitive, sealed in a room with machines whose perfect control, he is convinced, will allow him to avoid the inevitable emotional reckoning.Through scorn and bombast, through distraction and self-parody, through the sheer weight of craft, this Prefuse tries to wear his sorrow down, to crush himself, to explode the emptiness.But One Word Extinguisher shows a range of emotional grappling usually foreign to instrumental hip-hop.

"You can't talk to anybody, you feel like shit, and it's the only thing you have to express yourself." A year of unspeakable suffering channeled into sixty ripe minutes: In the hands of anyone else, it could be torture.

” Then came children as designer accessories and politically charged pawns, appendages and admissions statistics. For starters, Angelina Jolie and Madonna can’t even agree on where babies come from.

I thrill as quickly as the next People subscriber to a good catfight, but do we really need Angelina — who appears to have taken No Child Left Behind as her personal mantra — trashing celebrities for “jumping on the adoption bandwagon?

An annoying thing about children is that they nudge you toward the high road and the long view.

It’s our privacy, your patriotism; our delusion, your sacrifice; our tax cuts, your kids. Cheney so tellingly said of his Republican critics, “I’m the vice president, and they’re not.” The part for which some of us have no stomach is the sense of entitlement.

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