Here’s that video: The SJW’s are on a strong winning streak, with no sign of them slowing down their extremist activism.

If you’re confused about what an SJW is, check out my recent article: What Is A Social Justice Warrior?

In eleven days I got nothing, and to add insult to injury, I got some type of infection that holed me up in a little hotel room for several days watching music videos and counting down to when I could return to the relative poosy paradise of Ukraine. If you’ve been reading me for the past couple of years, you’ll have noticed I’m not exactly sure as to the best way to proceed.

Combined with the fact that I’ve accomplished what I had set out to do as dreamed by my 25-year-old self, it’s no surprise I’m lacking in direction.

It was worse than Washington DC, Copenhagen, and Riga, cities I’ve spared no scorn for.

It was so bad I tried to change my flight to leave sooner, but since it was the absolute peak of summer, all flights back home to Ukraine were full.

I am a single mother who cannot find love here in my country.

I have had my own business forv8 years and now i am looking for the love of my life and a new adventure.

Here is what I’m now sure of: It’s not enough to state your goals, work towards them, and call it a day.It didn’t help that Turkish men had great clown game, and were applying it with passion on girls I wouldn’t touch. On the handful of interactions I made progress on, I couldn’t isolate in the end.Rolling solo in a regular city isn’t so bad, but in a resort location it was the death knell.I had a recent experience in Turkey that did this for me.In late August I was in the resort city of Alanya, Turkey, a place that was supposed to give me a refreshing break from Eastern Europe and its women.

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