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She now sports a whole new look and has become almost unrecognizable to her former fans.

Keep reading to peep De La Garza's changed appearance and to find out just what she's been up to since saying goodbye to had already been on the air for four years when Madison De La Garza was added to the cast in 2008.

When one so-called fan of Lovato created a new Twitter handle that made fun of her half-sister's appearance, the singer went on a NSFW rant (via ), telling the offending user that she didn't want to see their "piece of s*** a**" at her upcoming show.

In the adorable moment, De La Garza tried to keep it professional, stressing how impressed she is with Bieber's talent before finally giving in and agreeing with the interviewer that, yes, he is, indeed, "super cute." It's nice to know even celebrities aren't immune to having an embarrassing stash of childhood videos for a parent to whip out at just the right moment for maximum humiliation, and no, we're not speaking from experience about our 15th birthday party. With more than a million followers between her Instagram and Twitter pages, De La Garza has cultivated her stardom into a loyal fanbase."Imagine going to a graduation and seeing Demi Lovato yelling at her sister who's graduating and STILL not freaking out that DEMI F****** LOVATO is right over there? De La Garza shared several cute moments from the evening on her Instagram, like traditional group photos of friends all snazzed up for the occasion, while Shannon got a little risque when he shared a video of himself stealing a smooch on the cheek from his date. her "biggest inspirations"), but her main goal is to make films about mental health." one bemused fan tweeted along with a since-deleted video from the event. " The day was an extra special one for De La Garza because her "popo" also turned up to mark the occasion. "My popo surprised me and flew out all the way from Texas to see me graduate. I've never felt so loved and so blessed." What exactly is aerial gymnastics? It's that Cirque du Soleil-type of stuff where people use big drapes hanging from the ceiling to flip around and spin, all while somehow not barfing everywhere. "That's the best way to get rid of stereotypes," she said.The starlet sisters used the occasion to show off their hip fashion sense with Lovato sporting "a lacy black bra-top and navy and gold-striped blazer," and De La Garza rocking "a sleeveless silk white romper with plunging neckline and removable sheer skirt." also reported that De La Garza kept it very on-trend by pairing her twinkling tiara with Millennial Pink eyeshadow. Madison De La Garza celebrated Lovato's 26th birthday on social media, and the singer returned the favor when her little half-sibling graduated from high school in 2019, calling it a "proud sister moment" in her Instagram stories. That's just so cool." Technically, circus performers would say that they're circus performers, but that's beside the point. Her mom even posted a video of her performing a routine set to big sis Demi Lovato's "Nightengale" to You Tube in 2013.De La Garza commemorated the occasion with a bunch of Instagram photos that she captioned, "i've never felt so blessed having all the people i love in one big room… The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer cheered De La Garza on as she was handed her diploma, though, surprisingly, not many people seemed to notice that she was there. While De La Garza is an active member of the Brighton Hall's student council, even using her large social media presence to promote the student government's awareness efforts and fundraiser for global clean water, on prom night it was all fun.

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