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“The source of Ng’s funds what he or those behind him hoped to gain through Trie remains unknown,” the Senate report concluded. Snaring Interest with Shared Interests Keep a look out next time you're doing something you love in Melbourne someone might catch your eye, and you'll have the bonus of knowing you already have something in common.In return, the ambassadors put a UN imprimatur on Ng’s construction plan.They drafted and circulated official UN documents in support of Ng and the Macau conference center. “Corruption at any level of government undermines the rule of law and cannot be tolerated,” said Department of Justice Criminal Division chief John Cronan.If you're a straight, single woman in this city, chances are that you're looking for love or for a good time.Imagine someone had told you, a few years ago, that the FBI would soon be investigating a possible plot by a Republican presidential campaign to help Russia interfere in the US election — and that this interference had ultimately helped Donald J. You would have laughed in their face, or maybe accused them of confusing reality with a particularly lurid Tom Clancy novel.

And the new emails show that the FBI security had the political objective of protecting then-Director Comey from ‘embarrassment’—which is, frankly, disturbing. Outrageously, the Justice Department is resisting our request to search Attorney General Sessions’ office and otherwise is stonewalling searching for and releasing records.Ng cultivated the China connection and rose through the Macau ranks, becoming owner of the Fortuna Hotel, a night club in the gambling district favored by officials of the People’s Liberation Army and the organized crime Wo On Lok Triad.Ng has denied any connection with Asian organized crime.The liberal media and much of the DC Establishment would like Americans to forget how China-connected money helped set up and keep the Clintons in power.A story by our own Micah Morrison details the rise and fall of one the Clintons’ China connections in this must read piece from JW’s “The leopard does not change his spots” is a favorite saying of prosecutors and the rise and fall of Clinton-era conspirator Ng Lap Seng proves the point.

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