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Jim, slouched in his recliner, was determined to stay at home. She set an open laptop on the counter so she could chat with him on Skype.

She installed two cameras, one in his kitchen and another in his bedroom, so she could check whether the caregiver had arrived, or God forbid, if her dad had fallen.

The disease had progressed, often causing his thoughts to vanish mid-sentence.

His touch would send an instantaneous alert to the human caretaker behind the avatar, prompting the Care Coach worker to launch the tablet’s audio and video stream. The dog complimented Jim’s red sweater and cheered him on when he struggled to buckle his watch in the morning. ”About 1,500 miles south of Lake Minnetonka, in Monterrey, Mexico, Rodrigo Rochin opens his laptop in his home office and logs in to the Care Coach dashboard to make his rounds.

When faced with an onscreen character that actually Jim named his dog Pony.

Arlyn perched the tablet upright on a table in Jim’s living room, where he could see it from the couch or his recliner.

So when she read in the newspaper about a new digi­tal eldercare service called Care Coach a few weeks after broaching the subject of the nursing home, it piqued her interest.

For about 0 a month, a human-powered avatar would be available to watch over a homebound person 24 hours a day; Arlyn paid that same amount for just nine hours of in-home help. A Google Nexus tablet arrived in the mail a week later.

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