Flex bindable variable not updating

The combobox always has the first value from the xml as the default. I need to fiure this out or I'm going back to html and asp!So when you click on an item in the datagrid the combo box updates?

You also have to use the compiler option -services to reference the remoting configuration file in web-app/WEB-INF/flex/and the option -context-root /example to define the web app context path.

To achieve this, components must not depend on a specific application (tightly coupled component), their variable's name or tag instance's name.

In this scenario if the code of the application or the component changes, reliant code won't work anymore and we'll have to modify the tightly coupled component to reflect that change.

Also the standard combo box sucks I use this one it makes life much easier.

Box-With-selected Value-Support Bind the selected Value of the combobox to the selected Item.combo Box Value Well, the combobox is just one of the datum for each row.

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