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Blocking the offending number from your phone does little good, because the scammer will be routinely switching up their numbers by a digit or two, then calling you again.

Neighbor spoofing (2 of 2) How they’re fighting back: In early 2019, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will be rolling out a new system that actually tries to sound like something James Bond would use: STIR/SHAKEN.

Neighbor spoofing (1 of 2) That call that seems to be coming from your area code with the first three digits of your phone number is probably coming from another country.

Neighbor-spoofing robocalls are designed to trick you into answering your phone, then attempting to extract personal information or money.

Chinese Embassy Scam (1 of 2) Most call recipients will see an unfamiliar 415 call and ignore it, then delete the Mandarin voicemail they can’t understand. When the target calls the number provided, they’re transferred from the “consulate” to another scammer posing as a detective.

The most common 415 area-code robocall in September According to You Mail, the most reported robocall scam in September 2018 within the 415 area code came from a recorded voice named Rachel, who’s “just following up on my last call” about a supposed 0,000 line of credit. The second most common 415 robocall is from an actual company: Comcast, typically for payment reminders on late bills.

PG&E scam One variant of neighbor spoofing include calls allegedly from PG&E, faking their real phone number.

The target, often a small business, is told they’re delinquent on their bill and must make an immediate payment with a prepaid card or else lose their power.

Alternate scam: Some recent robocalls have ditched the financial fraud angle and switched to unspecified “documents” regarding an important case are waiting for them at the Chinese consulate, leaving a number to call.

San Francisco district attorney’s spokesman Alex Bastian said an estimated 100,000 people in China may be working this and similar scams.

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