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In 1986, Napco purchased INARCO company and moved the company headquarters to Jacksonville, Florida.

I am not sure if the company still operates, but Napco does maintain a base of collectors as both the design and quality of their products was retained over the years.

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The company began production in 1938 and reached their height of profitability in the 1950s and 60s.Due to the style becoming so popular in more recent years, many people purchased (not inexpensive) pieces that have stayed in the family for many years, only to be found again or looked at in more detail more recently.If you are able to find out when the pieces were purchased, it may help you work out how old they are.The crest should also be accompanied by a signature or mark of the maker and is often painted in gold strokes.The Kanji (Japanese symbols) will often be the name of the maker or sometimes a number, placing the piece as one of a series of potteries, designed to be displayed in a certain order.

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