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In 2016 a Frenchwoman identified only as “Lilly” told the media that “I’m really and only attracted by the robots.” She claimed to be engaged to a 3-D-printed robot she had designed, and said, “My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.” In 2017, after failing to find a human spouse, an artificial intelligence engineer in China named Zheng Jiajia married (not legally, of course) a robot wife of his own design named Yingying that can reportedly read Chinese characters at a rudimentary level and speak simple words.Neil Mc Arthur, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Manitoba, and Markie Twist, a professor of human development and family studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, published a paper last year called “The Rise of Digisexuality.” It appeared in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy and was picked up by media outlets as diverse as Vice and Breitbart.For starters, in a world where sex toys that respond and give feedback and artificial-intelligence-powered sex robots are inching toward the mainstream, are digisexuals a fringe group, destined to remain buried in the sexual underground?Or, in a culture permeated with online pornography, sexting and Tinder swiping, isn’t everyone a closet digisexual? Kondo is not the only person to go public about his deep feelings for a digital apparatus in recent years.But as people start to use these technologies, they become part of our lives.”Indeed, the latest generation of robotic sex toys make Charlotte’s low-tech Jack Rabbit vibrator from “Sex and the City” look as antique as the 28,000-year-old siltstone dildo found in a cave in Germany a few years ago.

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“What they’ve been into is sex tech, toys they can control with their tech devices, that attach to their penis or their vulva,” she said.

We live in an era when rapid advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are colliding with an expanding conception of sexual identity.

This comes quickly on the heels of growing worldwide acceptance of gay, trans and bisexual people.

(A male version named Henry with a bionic penis is in the works.).

The robots, which start at ,000, are designed to provide companionship as much as sex, said Matt Mc Mullen, the company’s founder.

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