Free live chat room for cybersex

Read 8 reasons why cybersex is better than the real thing.

Fix a time: Pick a time of the day that suits you and your partner.

Before you hit that send button, see to it that ‘breasts’ don’t become ‘beasts’ and ‘boobs’ don’t become ‘books’. Spend a few seconds extra to check what you have written.

Unfortunate typos have ruined many a chatting experience.

Ensure privacy: Nothing kills the mood than having to look over your shoulders for an approaching sibling or a roommate.

Either lock yourself up in a room or start only if you are alone in the house.

Don’t respond with just ‘mmmm’s and ‘aaaahhh’s when your partner does all the typing.

Don’t let typos ruin the fun: Autocorrect was definitely built by someone who didn’t want others to have fun.

Be proactive: Like in real life, the other person’s pleasure should be as important to you as your own.Keep clothes on standby: If the doorbell goes off, don’t go scampering for cover.Keep a robe, a nightie or a pair of shorts next to you in case somebody rings the bell. It will take a couple of trial-and-errors to zero down on the right person who the right combination of kinky and respectful. Play safe: No, we don’t mean laminating the keyboard and the screen.There are many hook-up websites to choose from like Chatzy and i Sexy Chat.If you are into specific kinks, there will be tailor-made chat rooms for your pleasure.

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