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A unique take on friends-to-lovers with a love triangle spin, is a strong blend of passion and conflict with a central dilemma that will leave you wondering what choice you would make if you were in Dallas’s shoes.RELATED: 13 Love Triangle Books That Will Tear Your Heart in Two Freda Wilson is brash and completely without filter, which makes her something of an acquired taste.Everyone is welcome here to find their perfect matches or quality friendships.

Ex–Navy SEAL Alex Marco has his own tragic past that haunts him, but his connection with Dallas is evident, and soon she must face the reality that romance with Alex could cost her friendship with Valerie.Fiery and passionate and oh so hot, combines friends-to-lovers with historical thrills and literary drama.Verity Plum runs a publishing house with her younger brother Nate, although the lion's share of the responsibilities fall on her shoulders.RELATED: The Best Historical Romance Novels That Will Steal Your Heart is a slow-burner Victorian romantic mystery that features everything that makes Charles so wonderful.Clem Talleyfer prefers a quiet life and domestic peace with his lodger and friend, Rowley Green.

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