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“It’s not that unusual compared to other crimes that happen in cities, but I think it’s disproportionately big to a niche group.” “We are devastated and very angry,” Melinda Giles, a friend of the Yosts and a member of the fur community, told the Orange County Register. We are canceling events out of respect to mourn and lot of outside negativity. At its core, the furry fandom simply consists of people who identify with anthropomorphized animals.

In online forums, some fans expressed fears that the murders’ link to the community could “represent the fandom negatively” – and some questioned why this aspect of their lives needed to be mentioned at all. now CSI might do something with furries again,” referring to the CBS procedural’s 2003 episode “Fur and Loathing,” which revolved around a sex-crazed furry group.

When I was in kindergarten, my class had a pet hamster that was shared between us and stayed at one of our houses every weekend.

When it was finally my turn to host the little guy, I was ecstatic.

Inside, the bodies of the girls’ parents, along with a family friend, lay dead.

After analyzing 15,314,690 online dating photos, dating site Zoosk and men’s advice website Ask Men, found that including certain animals in your pics can increase your incoming messages and chances of matching with people.

But once I realized that hamsters are essentially weird-looking furry rats that aren’t at all fun or responsive to your commands—they don’t play, sit, shake, or really do anything but eat, drink, poop, and bite—I was over Mr.

Hammie within the first five minutes of having him.

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On September 24th, police arrived at a Fullerton, California, home to find two children, aged six and nine, waiting for them on the porch in terror.

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