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A researcher must develop a construct definition for each key variable identified from Step 2: Identify Key Variables and Research Design.The variables that are associated with a treatment such as a new teaching method or counseling procedure, are not measured but manipulated.

The key variables should have been identified in Step 2: Identify Key Variables and Research Design.

Can a small child report their family's income, occupation, and level of education?

Even measuring income by adults might be difficult as non-civil servants oftentimes do not have a steady income, or may be hesitant to report how much they earn. This requires perseverance and creativity on behalf of the researcher: perseverance by reviewing other research studies to find out how other researchers overcame this difficulty and creativity by thinking up new methods when necessary.

For example, the operational definition of socio-economic status must be closely related to the definition "a person's economic standing based on lifestyle, prestige, power, and control of resources." It would be inaccurate for a person to give an operational definition of socioeconomic status as "amount of time spent at work" because this operational definition does not closely relate to the construct definition.

The best operational definition is one that has the clearest relationship to the construct definition.

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