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Never before has smarts and humor been a bad combination.

“Everybody knows the dice are loaded” is just one of the many gut-crushing lines from Leonard Cohen’s utterly pessimistic hit, “Everybody Knows.” This headline serves almost as a secret being broadcast to the masses but understood by the few.

But while it may be a common phrase, it’s still not cliché.

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POF offers thousands of profiles for women to browse.

But even if I didn’t know which song the lyric was referencing the line itself is intriguing enough to suck me in.

Its pessimistic undertone that everything is working against us suggests that this isn’t just another vapid guy mindlessly surfing POF.

Within this wittily worded headline we can infer that the user is suggesting that women should take their fishing rods out of the dating pool because they’ve finally found the man they’ve looking for.

Women are likely to bite on a tasty headline, you’ve just got to reel them in.

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