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Jeremiah describes God as “the fountain of living water” (HCSB), and Isaiah spoke on God’s behalf when he said, “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters” (55:1 NIV)!Jesus told us he is the source of that living water (John 4; 7) and has given an open invitation to secure salvation for anyone who is spiritually thirsty.Whether you encounter a Hindu on the banks of the Ganges or here in America, you can start a conversation by asking them what they believe about the river.

Instead, the cloudy water inside the bottle is believed to provide far more than hydration—healing, blessing, even salvation.Rather than debate, ask what they personally would seek at the Ganges River, then pray with them in Jesus’s name.You never know how God may use that prayer in the future.If someone died before making it to the river, then family members will take their ashes to the Ganges as soon as possible.The salvific effect is believed to be the same, simply delayed. While sitting on the bank, he witnessed a man wade into the water, mutter a prayer, then immerse himself in the river’s slow current.

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