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"There are guys that are just messaging so many women, trying to just really go after it in just a very aggressive way that sometimes it can be a little scary."On the other end of the spectrum are the stories about Ansari's parents' own arranged marriage.

He remembers asking his dad about the two women he met before deciding."I was like, 'What was wrong with the first lady?

While the adult with ADHD in the relationship is at risk of feeling micromanaged and overwhelmed with criticism, the non-ADHD partner might feel disconnected, lonely, or underappreciated.

It’s important to place the focus on how the ADHD symptoms impact the relationship, instead of blaming one another for a breakdown in the bond.

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But who would have suspected he's an avid sociologist, and now something of an expert on the global online single's scene. '" The comedian and actor teamed up with a sociologist from New York University, Eric Klinenberg, to take the pulse of global romance in the early 21st century.

Communication often breaks down when one partner has ADHD.

More often than not, the behaviors on the surface (i.e.

Adult ADHD can be tricky because symptoms vary from person-to-person.

These specific symptoms can impact how you relate to your partner: Inattention: Adults with ADHD can lose focus during conversations, which leaves the partner feeling devalued.

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