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We don’t know Donna’s reaction yet, but she looked pretty moved. Just when Sky’s finally warming up to her gate-crashers, everyone’s frozen in shock as Mo casually waltzes inside the vacation house. After the guys break Mo and Alex apart, Mo gets in the face of Donna.And he had some choice words for his now ex-girlfriend.So, they rain down on him calling him a homewrecker. He proclaims he had no obligations to Mo and furiously stormed off.After the ladies give him a hard time for the sex tape, Alex has a chat with Miss Kitty.No need to get alarmed In the meantime, Twitterverse is having a hard time absorbing Alex’s romantic moment.Some even melted at his uncharacteristically sweet and deep words.Next week’s preview teases us with Donna’s feelings for Alex.What will she do when Alex collapses out of the blue?

Kevin’s love for performing arts led him to become one of the contestants for season 12 of the American Idol in 2013 and as a result of his amazing talent, he effortlessly won over the hearts of the audience and judges alike with most of the guest judges praising his voice and fore-telling that he will be a big star someday.Find out if Donna and Alex seal the deal when Black Ink Crew season 6 airs next Wednesday at p.m. , where he played the role of Xander, a popular counsellor and resident musician who is the head of Cabin Grizzly., and last night’s episode was particularly dramatic.While the sanctity of Sky’s vacation was destroyed by Ceaser and company, things were particularly interesting between Alex Robinson and Donna Lombardi.

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    It’s Time to Get Real about Love Are you a busy, successful wonder-woman or super man who’s ready to find the love of your life or do you keep waiting to reach a certain level of success?

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    "She literally got him out of his chair, and she sat in the chair and, in the end, he was like a little puppy dog with her." Ultimately, it was a guy who competed on another Fox reality show that left Deeley with a bit of a crush.

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    Prejudice from others, accusations of “gold-digging” and cliches such as “sugar daddy” sometimes make dating a younger woman that little bit harder.

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