Internet dating terminology

For intense pleasure, it can be inserted in the vagina or anus.

Pharmaceutical products such as Synthol can also produce a sensation of cold.

In Quebec, this activity is often practiced in drive-ins.

In Montreal, there are two well-known places where this is practiced on hot summer nights.

In big cities, there are specific locations where these acts take place.After a fight, the vanquished animal does not secrete endorphins pleasure substances until at the submission stage. It is not uncommon for the dominated or subservient partner to hold a position with stature, accustomed to being in command. Used as contraceptive method, for hygiene or simply sexual reasons.Room designed especially for erotic activities of a sadomasochistic nature.There are four ways to practice inter-crural coitus. Finally, the fourth way is to place the partner head down, holding onto the hips or knees, and then penetrating between the legs. Also called "mammagymnophilia" sexual excitement from female breasts or "mazophallation" insertion of penis between breasts.This act has the more visual term "balcon fleuri" flowered balcony or "cravate de notaire" notary's tie in France or Pearl Necklace in the United States because of the shimmering sperm beaded on the female partner's chest or throat.

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    Being antsy and always wanting to “be in the know” can make things worse.

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