Interracial dating in holland

It's not crazy to want to try meeting a diverse group of people.

You got great advice from /u/visvis, /u/Random Nobody EU, and /u/Astilaroth.

Is it impossible for an Indian to find a European girl to date in Amsterdam? I swiped maybe over 500 profiles and still didn't get a single match.

Whats are the odds of interracial dating scene in Amsterdam? Most people in Amsterdam should have nothing against interracial dating as such, but it is true that being non-white puts you at a disadvantage online (some very interesting stats).

Most of these couples consist of a Dutch woman and a Moroccan or Turkish man.

It's not impossible, just marginally harder than for some other people.If you are looking for someone who is open minded about your background it doesn't seem entirely reasonable to have racial demands on your potential partner from your side.I agree that demanding a race as a dating partner is hypocritical.According to the statistics office, the number of interracial couples varies widely based on ethnicity For example, most couples with Turkish or Moroccan backgrounds are in relationships with persons of their own ethnicity.Only about 10 thousand couples in the Netherlands consist of a Turkish partner and a Dutch partner, and about 9 thousand couples are Moroccan Dutch That means that 11 percent of Turkish people in the Netherlands have a Dutch partner and 12 percent of Moroccan people.

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