Jang dong gun dating

Jo Yoon Hee said, “I enjoyed watching ‘Happy Together’ since a long time ago and I appeared many times, so I think of this is an honor.” She continued, “After having a baby, my confidence fell and I worried a lot about whether or not I could work again.

I was worried and my husband enthusiastically suggested that I try being an MC.

I went to bed after watching the fireworks, but I could hear her crying.

The moment I heard her crying, I remembered that today was our wedding anniversary.” He continued, “After Jo Yoon Hee said this on a variety show, I got some criticism and was called ‘pig feet man.’ This part didn’t air on TV, but on the next day, I found tulips and gifted them to my wife.

In the brief yet thorough statement, the K-drama actor described his career plans, his life as a married man, and his excitement for the birth of his first child.

Lee Dong Gun also thanked his fans for their support, pledging that he would work even harder to earn their admiration.“Hello, this is Dong Gun.

Considering the roller coaster of news that has embroiled the actor over the past few months, however, the news of his marriage has left numerous K-drama fans shocked.

Nevertheless, numerous K-drama fans have remained quite surprised at the pace and progress of Lee Dong Gun’s relationship with his fellow actress Jo Yoon Hee.

From breaking up with his former flame, seemingly dating a co-star, announcing his marriage and expecting a child, things definitely appear to be moving incredibly fast for the popular K-drama actor.

Some K-drama fans had even begun speculating that LDG’s marriage to JYH might be a marriage to save face, as the child could have been conceived at a time when the actor was still involved with his former flame.

I am writing because I thought I had to let you all know first.

Everyone, I have become a lawful family with Jo Yoon Hee through trust and love, whom I met through a production and have been in a loving relationship with.

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