Japanese subsidised dating

You’ll spend a lot of evenings in run-down eateries, slumping over steaming bowls of noodles while taking advantage of someone else’s heat and light.If you’re lucky, you might meet a girl or guy willing to turn on the heat in their apartment, and spend some nights defrosting there.Literally, you’ll wear many hats just to stave off freaking hypothermia.If you haunt the supermarket after 10 p.m., you can pick up 70%-off sushi and enough potatoes and carrots to keep you alive, although scurvy remains a serious concern.You might even partake of the one thing all Japanese people dream of—a trip out of Japan.For long-term ex-pat life in Japan (and especially Tokyo), this is the minimum acceptable living wage.

Plus, your arms will be in great shape from constantly fanning. Remember that God loves you, even if no one else in this nation does. You might find a place with a couple of windows and a kitchen where you can balance a dollar-store cutting board on top of a mini fridge and actually cook food featuring exotic ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Begin making the jump from malt liquor to actual beer, or occasionally, wine.Splurge and buy a mat for under your futon, then some oranges to counteract the scurvy. Gone are the days of slinking past neon signs and paper lanterns in shame—-now you can go in and enjoy beer and grilled chicken with salarymen on Friday nights.You can talk to actual girls and guys, take them on dates to restaurants with tablecloths, and buy tiny cakes as tokens of your undying affection.Your cell phone will be a flip type from the 1990’s.Treat yourself to a can of malt liquor once a week; you’ve earned it.

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