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Being single can be incredible empowering and we want to highlight how you should use your singledom to your advantage. Read More Travelling together for the first time can sometimes be a scary prospect – how do we choose where we are going, the sleeping arrangement ordeal, how do we pay, do we want things planned for every single second.

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

The added bonus of Tinder is that it only lets you speak to them if they have indicated they also find you attractive. And so it is no surprise that my Tinder dates have all been relatively attractive- because I had to swipe ‘yes’ to their photos in order to speak to them to arrange the dates.

But the surprise aspect of all my Tinder dates has been just how eligible and well-brought up they’ve all been!

Summer is an exciting time for any stage in a relationship – there are more interesting first date options, there are beautiful ...

Read More A lot of individuals feel like being single is a ‘curse’ however it’s far from it.

Most of the time, we only really retain the horror recounters and terrible ‘remember when’s rather than the success stories. Read More There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling in your gut when you know something is wrong in your relationship.

Instinctively – which is sometimes what you have to rely on when solid facts are absent – you fear that he is being unfaithful. Read More With the sun beginning to re-appear and our seasonal wardrobes coming to the forefront, it’s clear that summer is on its way.

Safety first, he was recommended by a Twitter follower I didn’t know! I selected him out of interest, to see whether he would select me back (and whether he recognised me as the girl he had been scheduling a date with).You simply punch in your criteria for age and proximity, and the app provides a seemingly endless supply of photos for you to sort through.So far I’ve found four of my Dates on Tinder- The Fresh Prince, The Surprise Package, The Skype Date and The Queen’s Guard are all guys I met thanks to Tinder.And when I went out for the evening with the Army Officer, and his group of officer friends, it was evident that Tinder has become a socially acceptable, popular dating app, which normal eligible guys are happy to talk about using.This is possibly because it takes such minimal effort, and because it doesn’t require any form of real investment.

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