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According to reports, he was found dead at his California residence. Sad to hear that this actor is now with my dear friend who died in 2003. I first saw him when he was on "Tour of Duty"; he was a good actor and very attractive.

His hometown papers are reporting heart related problems. And the father's comment that he "worked too hard and played too hard"..exactly does THAT mean? And everyone who knew him says that he was very nice.

Originally cast as a recurring character, by the third season he was made a regular cast member as his character quickly became popular.He was an actor and director, known for Touched by an Angel (1994), Best of the Best (1989) and The Perfect Weapon (1991). Do people who type things like this bother to read? Why does DL now attract the kind of person who asks questions instead of researching answers? He died on January 10, 2011 in San Francisco, California, USA. Dye landed his first film role as "Skip." In the 1985 music video for the ZZ Top song "Sleeping Bag", he appeared alongside fellow actors Tracey Walter and Heather Langenkamp.In 1986 he starred alongside actresses Virginia Madsen and Cynthia Gibb in the comedy film Modern Girls.

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