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By listening to young people's ways of tackling problems, Dr Julia Coffey is advancing our sociological understanding of body image and health.Julia’s research highlights the importance of the body in young people’s lives.The protesters are part of the Occupy Phoenix movement demonstrating for over a month.

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She was born on October 08, 1969 in Glendale, California. When Julia was a child she studied music and learned to play the piano. But unfortunately a horse hit her in the face and broke her nose. where she got to a college-prep school and lived with her grandmother till 17.

At 18 Julia moved to Los Angeles and started to work in a model business.

In 2015, Julia was awarded the University of Newcastle Vice Chancellor’s Early Career Researcher of the Year, and Research Excellence and Innovation Awards.

She was also awarded an International Visiting Fellowship to host Professor Jessica Ringrose, from University College London, UK.

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