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The judges were Torvill and Dean themselves and there was no public vote.This secondary competition returned in 2009, but was incorporated into the main Dancing on Ice results show.

"The nth couple safe and skating next week is..." might qualify, but it's still a bit weak as catchphrases go. While Robin Cousins was away in Vancouver, commentating on the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, his place on the ice panel was taken by singer Michael Ball, and then by presenter Angela Rippon.It doesn't work as well as Strictly Come Dancing in any department (except perhaps in the choice of host), and it does seem to drag a bit over the course of a series, but nevertheless it works. 2011 saw a largely positive series of tweaks to the format.Although the new arrangement of the set is a bit of a puzzler (the judges are now up one end of the rink rather than along the side, which can't be an improvement), the show really upped its game with new "twists" - some not as dramatic as they'd clearly hoped for (the "ice pick", in which the elimination vote was given, Fame Academy-style, to the other skaters rather than the judges, was a particularly damp squib) and some a bit awkward (the group routines were a good idea in principle, but the reward - the members of the winning team had their points doubled - unbalanced the scoring that week in a really rather silly way) but mostly quite sound.One thing it did initially have over SCD was that the practice of only opening phone lines after everyone has performed was clearly fairer than Strictly's then practice of keeping them open all week.It also benefited from the regular inclusion of themed nights (which Strictly didn't go for until 2010) and "required elements" (refined into "ultimate skills" in 2011) which allowed for a specific point of comparison between the celebs.

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