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Ignatius, they learned of a great river away to the west, and fancied — as all others did then — that upon its fertile banks whole tribes of God's children resided, to whom the sound of the Gospel had never come.

Filled with a wish to go and preach to them, and in compliance with a THE NORTHWEST TERRITORY.

Coasting along the northern shore of Lake Michigan, the adventurers entered Green Bay, and passed thence up the Fox River and Lake Winnebago to a village of the Miamis and Kickapoos.

Here Mar- quette was delighted to find a beautiful cross planted in the middle of the town ornamented with white skins, red girdles and bows and arrows, which these good people had offered to the Great Manitou, or God, to thank him for the pity he had bestowed on them during the Winter in giving them an abundant " chase." This was the farthest outpost to which Dablon and Allouez had extended their missionary labors the year previous.

21 09 m za m l-H B H O w H O Pi M 02 W H O M O 22 THE NORTHWEST TERRITOit Y. Talon, who earnestly desired to extend the domain of his king, and to ascertain whether the river flowed into the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean, Marquette with Joliet, as commander of the expe- dition, prepared fo V the undertaking.

On the 13th of May, 1673, the explorers, accompanied by five assist- ant French Canadians, set out from Mackinaw on their daring voyage of discovery.

The expedition resulted in his death and that of more than half his army, the remainder of whom found their way to Cuba, thence to Spain, in a famished and demoralized condition.

De Soto founded no settlements, produced no results, and left no traces, unless it were that he awakened the hostility of the red man against the white man, and disheartened such as might desire to follow up the career of discovery for better purposes.

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They were received most hospitably by these natives, who had never before seen a white person.

Humbolt Township 633 La Fayette Mattoon Morgan .689 .539 .620 Page. Adoption of Children ICO Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes 151 County Courts 155 Conveyances 164 Church Organizations 189 Descent 151 Deeds and Mortgages 157 Drainage 163 Damages from Trespass 169 Definition of Commercial Terms 173 Exemptions from Forced Sale 156 Estrays 157 Fences 168 Forms: Articles of Agreement 175 Bills of Purchase 174 Bills of Sale 176 Bonds 176 Paoe. ..210 Agricultural Productions of Illi- nois by Counties, 1870 210 Surveyors" Measure 211 How to Keep Accounts 211 Page. The new territory thus added to the National domain, and subsequently opened to settlement, has been called the " New Northwest," in contradistinction from the old " Northwestern Territory.

North Okaw Township 646 Pleasant Grove " 682 Paradise " 649 Seven Hickory " 639 t DIRECTORY OF TAX-PAYERS. "^iv Asbmore Township 669 i^ Charleston " 657 ^East Oakland " 777 --Hutton " 675 Page. Forms : Chattel Mortgages 177 Codicil 189 Lease of Farm and Build- ings 179 Lease of House 180 Landlord's Agreement 180 Notes 174 Notice Tenant to Quit 181 Orders 174 Quit Claim Deed 185 Receipt 174 Real Estate Mortgaged to Secure Payment of Money 181 Release 186 Tenant's Agreement 180 Tenant's Notice to Quit 181 Warranty Deed 182 Will 187 Paob. S 192 Electors of President and Vice Pres- ident 206 Practical Rules for Every Day Use.207 U. Interest Table 212 Miscollaneoua Tables ^12 Names of the States of the Union and their Signification 213 Population of the United States 214 Population of Fifty Principal Cities of the United States 214 Population and Area of the United States 215 Population of the Principal Coun- tries in the World 215 Pack. " In comparison with the old Northwest this is a territory of vast magnitude.

The Indians, who gathered to witness their departure, were astonished at the boldness of the undertaking, and endeavored to dissuade them from their purpose by representing the tribes on the Mississippi as exceedingly savage and cruel, and the river itself as full of all sorts of frightful monsters ready to swallow them and their canoes together.

But, nothing daunted by these terrific descriptions, Marquette told them he was willing not only to encounter all the perils of the unknown region they were about to explore, but to lay down his life in a cause in which the salvation of souls was involved ; and having prayed together they separated.

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