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And I told the guys [in 98 Degrees]..., 'I'm going to marry that girl one day.'""We definitely knew—no ifs, ands or buts—we're totally in love," Simpson chimed in.To which Lachey added, "You know, it sounds kind of hokey and cheesy, but at the same time, it's cool."So why not share all that hokey, cheesy love with the world?!

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And Nick always seemed to be carrying her around—they were so hot!

It's about me going out with my girlfriends and forgetting everything that's around me, which is paparazzi, and just having a fun night.

Because [paparazzi] can ruin a night." have a particular meaning.

Simpson recalled listening to the song with sister Ashlee Simpson in December 2005, as her marriage was unraveling around her, and the effect it had."We laid there listening to the song and just cried and cried like babies," she said.

"In a lot of ways, my sister really gave me the strength to pull through this really hard time.

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