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I had exams to study for and a graduate job with the government to start. Six months into my new job, I climbed onto a chair in my apartment and reached up to the top shelf.Pulling the brown envelope down, I read the description of my condition written by the psychiatrist six months before.If I'd read more about the condition, I would have learned sooner that lists are my friend, and using a calendar might have saved relationships.General symptoms of adult ADHD (many of which I don't have) include a hot temper, excessive restlessness, and poor time management.Summer is fast approaching and the longer, brighter days are a great time to learn some new skills.British summers are notoriously unpredictable- as soon as you’ve lit the barbeque, the heavens have opened.Luckily you can rely on having a great time at Morley, whatever the weather!

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And if you want to get ahead in your career goals while everyone's off on holiday, you can pick up some leadership & management skills, or learn how to nail that presentation on one of our courses in business planning or public speaking.

There's so much to try at Morley this summer, so why not visit us in July for Summer Shorts?

Take a look at all of the courses on offer in the Summer Shorts Course Guide here.

It suddenly swoops at me from time to time and forces me to stop, take stock, and swallow, once, twice, and maybe a third time.

I was diagnosed with ADHD aged 21 by a university psychiatrist who watched me ace the reading, maths, and Rubik's cube shape tests, but couldn't keep me engaged after hours in a stuffy room.

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