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Too soon to say.” Too soon to say, indeed, for here she is back in a rather chilly London, having left the sunny City of Angels behind her.Was moving to LA an adventure or something that ended up as a mistake?

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– with an arched eyebrow and this reply: “There’s such a sense of escape there – you can get into a car and go anywhere – but it isn’t the end or the start of anything.

She looks a little like Tinkerbell, for one thing, with her diminutive stature, super-blonde hair, and delicate, pixie-ish features. There are some stories floating around about Marling’s career that tend toward the precious, as well -- she busked outside of London's Soho Revue Bar last year when the management wouldn't let her into one of her own gigs last October because of her age.

Oh, and that's the other thing -- Marling is only 18 years old.

I got over it, though, as one does.” And here we are, back in east London, having most assuredly got over it. Some people get lost in the impersonal version of themselves.

Marling’s new album, “Aside from reading books, that’s pretty much all I do with my time. It’s not really much more than that.” Reflective, expressive, gentle, polite, but by no means meek, Marling isn’t the kind of needy artist whose primary aim is to be understood by fans of her music and songs. I’m cautious of maintaining very specific sides; wary of the actual me and the projected me.

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