Law student online dating

I've heard a lot of people say they met their SO in law school.

However, I'm 5-8 years older than most of my classmates, and while I do have some people in my age range, they tend to all be married already.

Nice jeans, button-up shirts, different jackets, and shoes all help.

I don't have a huge wardrobe, I have four pairs of jeans, a bunch of t-shirts, a few button-ups, and a bunch of jackets (which don't help much in the summer).

If I were suddenly single again today, I feel like it would be a downgrade to go from a girlfriend who does marketing and advertising for companies or picking from a pool of future lawyers for a girl on Tinder that most likely doesn't have a bachelors degree, or if they do have one it's in underwater basket weaving and they're never going to use it. You don't want to be someone's sugar daddy when you don't even know what your job prospects are going to be.

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Their official story is that they didn't start dating until after he left the firm, but c'mon, we all know how that went down.If I were single, I would also use Tinder like a bat out of hell, I feel like it'd be a great resource for dating.However, the downside is that it makes it harder because you're dealing with people who don't necessarily have a future set out for themselves.You're not going to really attract women wearing the same t-shirt and jeans everyday. There are plenty of resources that teach you how to flirt, figure out which one you like.You can do it that way, but accessorize with watches, shoes, glasses, or whatever. I'm not talking about red pill or pick up artist nonsense, I'm talking about genuinely being able to talk to women.

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