Lonley soul dating

It’s statistics: with over 7 billion people in the world, you’re going to meet someone you connect with eventually…

and it most likely going to happen sooner than you think.

I had no recollection of writing it, and it certainly wasn’t my handwriting. I’ve seen him in myself, and in hundreds of other people. He’s the reason for the overwhelming lack of emotional control that people experience when they feel down.

Truth be told, I can’t make much sense of it at all. I don’t know if he’s real, imaginary, or a supernatural entity. And he’s probably the reason you clicked on this article.

To defeat the Lonely Loser, to protect one’s life from his influence you have to pay attention to the kind of life that you’re building, and (this part is really important! How you debased yourself before your Ex and embarrassed your parents.

I’ve been at this solo travel a while now – in fact, last week marked five years since I quit my job as a lawyer and set off on a one-year adventure that still hasn’t come to an end.

The chances are you’ve already met some amazing people and although they’re not with you now and your present state of being alone is taunting you into thinking you’ll never meet anyone else ever again, that’s simply not true.

A feeling that our needs for emotional support, love, affection, and adoration are not met and will never be met. ’ He supplies you with all manner of seemingly rational and clever responses that you not only use against your own conscience but on everyone else. So despite the arguments of your conscience and others – you quite readily and happily carry out his will.

(But not without a black and private knowledge that what you’re doing is mistaken).

NOT LONG AGO, I answering a reader’s email about “how to defeat neediness” when I found something strange tucked into the side of my mattress.

Pulling it loose, I found in my hand a small, broken paper hexagon and on it were written the words ‘Beware the Lonely Loser.’ Confused, I unfolded the paper shape to reveal a large tapestry of words and bizarre, monstrous images. He is responsible for all the shitty relationships and the gross, desperate behavior that sends them to the grave.

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