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Don't mind me saying so, she is turning into a stone cold fox. [spreads tablecloth] Toby: [to Sasha] Okay, tell them what you wanted to say. A traditional English Ballad about the beheaded Anne Boleyn. a book my Grandmutter used to read me when I was a kid. Jesus could come through that door and he's not gonna help you if you don't stop sniffing after my child! Dwight: [plays the recorder] That was Greensleeves. Dwight: These are cautionary tales for kids, my Grandmata used to read these--- Michael: Yeah, you know what? Stanley: Michael, you remember my daughter, Melissa. Michael: [under his breath] I work with a bunch of nerds.

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Pam is desperate to befriend her colleagues' offspring and a misunderstanding puts Ryan under Stanley's thumb Dwight says he doesn't have computer games on his work computer, because that would be inappropriate. Patrick's Day (2010), The Office: Spooked (2011) and The Office: Local Ad (2007), Dwight is shown playing various games on his work computer. This episode also contains some surprisingly touching moments, such as Michael's tenderness towards Toby's daughter.

So, I put out a bunch of extra candy out on my desk so the kids will come talk to me.

I am like Eddie Murphy in "Raw," and they are trying to make me into Eddie Murphy in "Daddy Daycare." both great movies, but, still.

[Kelly glares through the door] You have an email address? [Stanley gets up] Stanley: That little girl is a child! Dwight: I was gonna teach the children how to make corn-husk dolls.

[points to Ryan and Melissa] Stanley: A little fishy? I mean, I've been noticing them all day, I was thinking that maybe ... They're going to have nightmares, so why don't you just shut it?

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