Moc 6415a updating

MCSE candidates should also have at least one year of experience implementing and administering network operating systems and desktop operating systems.

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If you are an MCSE and pass this exam, you will earn three distinct MCTS certifications: Elective exams (one exam required) Together with the core exams, the elective exams provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise in solution design and implementation.

Continue to build on your existing skills and be one of the first to become a certified expert on Windows Server 2008 (formerly code name "Longhorn").

Windows Server 2008 is the powerful new server technology that helps you increase the flexibility of your server infrastructure while saving time and reducing costs.

NET Components 4.1 Windows Controls 4.1.1 Managing Windows Controls4.1.2 Use the Property Inspector4.1.3 Set Control Properties4.1.4 Get and Set Properties 4.2 Events 4.2.1 Defining Event Actions4.2.2 Handle Events 14.2.3 Handle Events 24.2.4 Handle Events 3 4.3 Classes and Methods 4.3.1 Calling Methods4.3.2 Call a Method 14.3.3 Call a Method 2 4.4 Manipulating Strings 4.4.1 Strings4.4.2 Working with Strings4.4.3 String Facts4.4.4 The String Builder Class4.4.5 Using the String Builder Class4.4.6 String Builder Facts4.4.7 Use String Builder 14.4.8 Use String Builder 24.4.9 Use Escape Sequences4.4.10 Compare Strings 5.0 Classes and Methods 5.1 Classes and Namespaces 5.1.1 Creating a Class5.1.2 Creating a Simple Class5.1.3 Namespaces5.1.4 Defining a Namespace5.1.5 Class and Namespace Facts5.1.6 Create a Namespace and Class 5.2 Methods 5.2.1 Defining a Method5.2.2 Access Modifiers5.2.3 Creating Methods5.2.4 The Main Method5.2.5 Calling Methods5.2.6 Passing Parameters5.2.7 Method Construction5.2.8 Create a Method 15.2.9 Create a Method 2 5.3 Data Members and Properties 5.3.1 Data Members5.3.2 Creating Data Members5.3.3 Defining Properties5.3.4 Using Properties5.3.5 Data Member and Property Facts5.3.6 Define a Property5.3.7 Use Properties 5.4 Method Overloading 5.4.1 Method Overloading5.4.2 Using Overloaded Methods5.4.3 Method Overloading Facts5.4.4 Call an Overloaded Method5.4.5 Create an Overloaded Method 5.5 Static Members 5.5.1 Static Data Members5.5.2 Static Methods5.5.3 Creating Static Members5.5.4 Static Member Facts5.5.5 Create Static Members 5.6 Constructors 5.6.1 Constructors5.6.2 Default Constructor5.6.3 Creating a Constructor5.6.4 Overloading Constructors5.6.5 Constructor Facts5.6.6 Create a Constructor5.6.7 Overload a Constructor 6.0 Inheritance 6.1 Inheritance Concepts 6.1.1 Polymorphism and Inheritance6.1.2 Inheritance Concepts6.1.3 Inheritance Facts 6.2 Using Inheritance 6.2.1 Basic Syntax6.2.2 Creating a Derived Class6.2.3 Using Access Modifiers6.2.4 Constructors and Inheritance6.2.5 Inheritance Syntax6.2.6 Create an Inherited Class 6.3 Advanced Inheritance 6.3.1 Virtual Methods6.3.2 Creating Virtual Methods6.3.3 Sealing a Class6.3.4 Abstract Classes6.3.5 Creating an Abstract Class6.3.6 Customizing Inheritance Facts6.3.7 Define a Virtual Method6.3.8 Use a Virtual Method6.3.9 Seal a Class6.3.10 Create an Abstract Class 7.0 Interfaces 7.1 Interfaces 7.1.1 Interface Concepts7.1.2 Implementing an Interface7.1.3 Classes, Abstract Classes, and Interfaces7.1.4 Classes, Abstract Classes, and Interfaces Comparison7.1.5 Interface Facts7.1.6 Define an Interface7.1.7 Interfaces and Inheritance 8.0 Delegates and Events 8.1 Delegates 8.1.1 Delegates8.1.2 Creating a Simple Delegate8.1.3 Creating a Multicast Delegate8.1.4 Delegate Facts8.1.5 Using Delegates 8.2 Events 8.2.1 Delegates and Events8.2.2 Registering Events8.2.3 Event Facts 9.0 Enumerations and Structures 9.1 Enumerations 9.1.1 Custom Value Types9.1.2 Enumerations9.1.3 Creating Enums9.1.4 Using Enums as Parameter Types9.1.5 Enum Facts9.1.6 Create an Enum9.1.7 Use Built-in Enums9.1.8 Use Enum Methods 9.2 Structures 9.2.1 Structures9.2.2 Creating a Struct9.2.3 Struct Facts9.2.4 Define a Struct 19.2.5 Define a Struct 2 10.0 Exception Handling 10.1 Handling Exceptions 10.1.1 Exception Classes10.1.2 Handling Exceptions10.1.3 Built-in Exceptions10.1.4 Exception Facts10.1.5 Handle Exceptions 110.1.6 Handle Exceptions 210.1.7 Handle Exceptions 3 10.2 Custom Exceptions 10.2.1 Throwing Exceptions10.2.2 Thowing an Exception10.2.3 Custom Exceptions10.2.4 Creating Custom Exceptions10.2.5 Custom Exception Facts10.2.6 Throw Exceptions10.2.7 Define a Custom Exception 11.0 Advanced Topics 11.1 Collections 11.1.1 Collections11.1.2 Array Lists11.1.3 Foreach11.1.4 Creating an Array List11.1.5 Array List Facts11.1.6 Use a Collection11.1.7 Queue Facts11.1.8 Stack Facts11.1.9 Hashtable Facts 11.2 Streaming and I/O 11.2.1 Streams11.2.2 Streaming Facts11.2.3 Reading and Writing Text Files11.2.4 Text Files and Data Sources11.2.5 Managing Files11.2.6 System.

NET Web Application2.3.4 Application Type Facts 3.0 C# Language 3.1 C# Syntax 3.1.1 C# Overview3.1.2 Code Format3.1.3 Basic Program Structure 3.2 Data Types 3.2.1 Value and Reference Types3.2.2 Reference and Value Type Facts3.2.3 Value Types3.2.4 String Variables3.2.5 Data Type Keywords3.2.6 Declare Data Types 3.3 Operators and Expressions 3.3.1 C# Operators3.3.2 Building Expressions3.3.3 Common C# Operators3.3.4 Construct Expressions 13.3.5 Construct Expressions 2 3.4 Casting 3.4.1 Converting Data Types3.4.2 Data Conversion Facts3.4.3 Using the Casting Expression3.4.4 Convert Data Types3.4.5 Reference-type Conversions 3.5 Arrays 3.5.1 Defining Arrays3.5.2 Initializing Arrays3.5.3 Array Facts3.5.4 Creating Single-dimensional Arrays3.5.5 Creating Multi-dimensional Arrays3.5.6 Create a Single-dimensional Array3.5.7 Create a Multi-dimensional Array3.5.8 Jagged Arrays 3.6 Conditional Statements 3.6.1 Conditional Statements3.6.2 Using If Then3.6.3 Using Switch3.6.4 Conditional Statement Facts3.6.5 Create an If Block3.6.6 Correct an If Block3.6.7 Format a Switch Block3.6.8 Create a Switch Block 3.7 Iteration Structures 3.7.1 Iteration Structures3.7.2 Using Do While3.7.3 Using For3.7.4 Using Foreach3.7.5 Iteration Statement Facts3.7.6 Create a Do While Block3.7.7 Create a For Block3.7.8 Create a Foreach Block 3.8 XML Documentation 3.8.1 Generating XML Documentation3.8.2 XML Documentation Facts 4.0 .

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