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It’s also a chance to help fix an issue that is a problem around the world, not just in our city.

I feel like I can actually change something in the world.

They learned how to listen to survivors and how to speak out clearly and confidently as advocates.

Now, they’re returning to school not just as students but as leaders and teachers. Meet this year’s Teen Peer Leaders, and learn more about their mission to make every relationship safe and healthy.

Randy was then at the peak of his popularity and he needed bodyguards and protectors from fans and mobs.

MAINE MENDOZA FANS – Some of the fans of Maine Mendoza refuted the statements of the Kapuso actress in her blog post about her relationship with Arjo Atayde. Whatever their reasons are for doing that, I hope they will soon realize that there are a lot people being affected by their stories.” With this, the above-stated names have reacted and insisted that what Maine has written in her blog were “lies” and they are the ones telling the truth.

MIA: Previously, I would have thought that if I had a friend in abusive relationship, I should try to get them out myself. Before I knew what a feminist was and I knew about the things that people can do to harm each other, but it wasn’t as clear how feminism was a response to that. What’s the most important thing teens should know about dating violence?

OSASU: The main thing that teens should know is that it can happen to anybody, no matter their gender, age, sexuality, anything.

Entered show biz in 1987 as a member of Randy Santiago's Hawi Boys, along with Chinkee Tan, Dennis Padilla and Jong Cuenco.In July, 12 high school students from across Boston started an intensive training program preparing them to educate their peers about teen dating violence and healthy relationships.They dedicated their summer breaks to deconstructing myths about abuse, identifying red flags, and discussing the cultural attitudes and oppressive structures keep abuse from being wiped out.OSASU: I decided to apply because I like having the type of deep conversations that we have in the program about colorism, abuse and violence, and other issues.In regular life, there’s never really a good time and space to just bring it up.

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