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Existing linear networks that offer compelling internet apps will generate more viewing and become more valuable.Those networks that fail to develop first-class apps will lose viewing and revenue.

Even at .99 per month, Netflix’s Standard plan — its most popular package — still undercuts HBO Now ( per month) although it’s now going to cost more than Hulu’s ad-free VOD plan (.99 per month).

The new era of internet entertainment, which began about a decade ago, is likely to be very big and enduring also, given the flexibility and ubiquity of the internet around the world.

We hope to continue being one of the leading firms of the internet entertainment era.

From there, you’ll get a choice of options that looks like this: After that, just tap “Instagram Stories,” and it will kick you over to the Instagram app.

A new Instagram Story screen will appear, along with artwork from Netflix of the TV show or movie you’re trying to share.

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