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So many of you are waiting and pushing him to give in.This isn’t attractive to him and it doesn’t make you feel attractive.Remember the relationship only starts at marriage and people and relationships evolve a heck of a whole lot over time.lock you down because he really likes your company, and ultimately, given marriage is still the goal here, needs to be inspired (convince himself) he needs to come to a decision point. You need to indirectly communicate in the way you handle yourself, take action and invest emotionally etc.I would imagine many of your folks might be the same way, in that sentiment goes a lot farther than a scented candle towards showing how much they mean to you.For most of us Mother's Day is not an occasion where we go all out like we would for a birthday or non-Hallmark holiday, but we should do something.Genuine desire and inner want, for it’s own sake and for your own self is how you take action with your man.

A loving relationship should be optimized for pure desire and wanting, with no societal, family and financial motivations which tend to drive the decision points to get married.

and more) are decidedly not feminine and definitely not sexy.

They're totally right—but with another summer season approaching, the trend shows no sign of slowing.

I was chatting with my prudish girl pal about her mid thirties singledom and I half jokingly told her ‘why don’t you just sleep with him and see what happens’?

And no, I’m not on some quest to get women to sleep with men more. She said: ‘no way I don’t want to give up my self respect’.

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