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But my father kept reminding me that this was where my real talent and my real future path lay, and I trusted him and continued to go to the course.” Success in junior golf led to a partial scholarship offer at Duke University and full rides at other schools.For Kelly’s father, she says it was one of the last teaching opportunities he would have before his daughter left home. You can go for free to one of these other schools or you can help me pay for it.Golf was slow and terribly disciplined and very individual and lonely at times, and that really wasn’t me.

“The suspension in the Cherokee Chief was terrible, but I was getting a big kick out of the bumps,” she remembers.“I watched [the course] come up from the ground up, from dirt to fairways.It was so impressionable for me as a kid.” Kelly’s dad used to drive her over the grounds of what would eventually be Gator Hole Golf Course, which her family built and owned for many years.“I’d sleep through classes, didn’t take it seriously. “‘It’s not going to be given to you anymore,’ and I learned that the first two semesters when my coach held up those papers…I learned to dig in, something I never did in high school.” The hard work paid off.

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