Nigerian community dating site value of updating to whirlpool

The site’s privacy policy states that it only uses personal information (names, email addresses, etc.) to fulfill basic requests submitted by the users.The site may share this data with government agencies or companies assisting with fraud prevention.Because it generates a profit through ad revenue, Flirt Naija can offer singles many free features, including free search and chat features.The site offers private messaging as well as online forums and user blogs where men and women can get to know one another.Flirt Naija’s proactive safety measures have supported many genuine singles seeking something real.The site can automatically flag profiles featuring spammy content or stock photos, but it also depends on users to report and block anyone behaving inappropriately.Not everyone can walk across the street to find true love.

The team verifies the identity of its members by email and phone number, and it has an effective scam prevention system designed to catch fake or misleading profiles as soon as possible.

Many international daters now enjoy the chance to experience new cultures and gain a fresh perspective in conversations with people they never would’ve met otherwise.

Flirt Naija is a free Nigerian dating site and app designed to introduce singles in Africa and abroad.

The Nigerian dating site and app has registered over 979,000 members, and it continues growing larger and more diverse with every new signup.

Although it’s fun to fantasize about falling for the girl or boy next door, real-life romances rarely work out so conveniently.

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