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Joon-young of Drug Restaurant has since admitted to filming women without their consent and posting the videos to the chat, and was arrested on suspicion of filming and sharing illicit hidden camera videos.

Seungri has been charged with providing prostitution services, which is illegal in South Korea, and he could face up to three years in jail.

South Korean police also said they planned to request an arrest warrant soon for Seungri on charges of distributing illicit footage, tax evasion, and embezzlement.

In the aftermath, most of the K-pop idols who were named in the chat message scandal have retired from the music industry.

(K-pop artists have been known to train for years in their companies before making their onstage debut.) The K-pop scene is currently dominated by groups like BTS, Blackpink, and NCT 127, and the industry has grown so much recently that it’s now one of South Korea’s largest exports, worth billion annually.

But all that perfectly curated success has a dark side.

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But it comes amid a wave of other sex-related scandals in South Korea, which are sparking new conversations about how women are being exploited in the country — and better ways to address this going forward.Despite this, YG Entertainment’s stocks dropped about 16 percent after the release of the text messages.Though both Yuri Holdings and YG Entertainment claimed the text messages were fabricated, the reporter who broke the story responded saying she had no reason to fabricate the messages, and the other K-pop stars allegedly involved are all currently being investigated.But less than a year after Burning Sun opened, accusations began to swirl about illegal activities happening at the club, including everything from assault, prostitution, and drug distribution to tax evasion and police corruption.On January 28, South Korea’s MBC News Desk reported on an assault case in Burning Sun.

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