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But there are some specific rules of etiquette you’ve got to follow when you’re talking to and meeting up with virtual strangers.If you’re able to keep in mind these dos and don’ts of online dating as you test the waters with various guys and gals, you will dramatically reduce your chances of having to escape from a lunatic, or causing your date to take out a restraining order on you.Thanks to dating profiles, everyone has a good idea of what everyone else is looking for, and, best of all, your prospective mates won’t know that you’re wearing a flannel onesie as you exchange messages!Online dating, the dos and the don’ts Whether you’ve been a member of a dating site for a few years now, or have just created an account, you’ve probably noticed that online dating isn’t exactly like dating in the “real world.” Real-world dating and online dating do share some similarities, since the reasons for participating in either are generally the same.There is a range of ages, types of people, and interests to help you find potential dates.It's important to first know what you are looking for, whether it's casual dating, a long-distance pen pal or a serious relationship.

Most dating websites do not screen people, so it's up to you to do your homework.

Everyone has different comfort levels for how much they are willing to reveal online, but some basic guidelines can help keep you safe and make it a more rewarding experience.

You'll want to focus on not just getting to know people, but also taking action to meet offline.

Getting mad and walking out is acceptable if you expected to see a woman and a man shows up, or if your date is 400 pounds while in their pictures, they looked 120.

However, don’t be annoyed about the little changes.

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