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Tyler Perry’s famous character Madea has appeared in nearly half of his films: a gun-toting, “Hallelu-yer”-shouting force of nature, and an outrageous drag tribute to his mother and aunt.

But some movies in the Madea Cinematic Universe are gleefully manic, while others arrive in what appears to be a half-finished state of sad melodrama and mediocrity.

You can’t count the success stories in the world’s show business without mentioning Tyler Perry.

Since the American actor, playwright, producer, director and gospel songwriter first received the Helen Hayes Award for Excellence in Theater, he has accumulated numerous accolades acknowledging his exceptional imprints on the entertainment industry.

The star-studded ceremony was held in the backyard of Perry’s Beverly Hills home inside of a custom-built church. It’s almost a direct replica of the one my Mother grew up in. I know she was with us in spirit,” Tyler expressed on Facebook.

"Madea's Big Happy Family" (2011) The perfect combination of family dysfunction (featuring a solidly moving performance from Loretta Devine as a cancer-stricken mother) and a barnstorming Madea.

The matriarch comes on like a tornado as she destroys a fast-food restaurant with both her car and her body, freestyle-lectures Christians on the “prescriptures” in the Bible, handily insults every person who crosses her path, and nearly meets her match when sparring with the wild and wicked Teyana Taylor.

Tyler Perry girlfriend is Ethiopian and she is a model, because she has an amazing charm that not all models have.

Recently in one interview Tyler revealed all of his emotions.

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