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These pens came in three basic sizes: standard, small, and oversize.Canadian production also included a long standard, which is scarce.Homewreckers, Online dating scams, dating safety tips and Internet Dating Advice.

The name "Junior" was applied to standard-sized pens without the Blue Diamond guarantee and with slightly smaller nibs, which were otherwise equivalent to the Major (which, despite much confusion among collectors, was not an oversized model).

The term "Maxima" is applied only to pens made from 1937 on; earlier oversize pens with the lockdown filler are generally referred to as Oversize Vacumatics.

The main changes in the line were: name change from Vacuum Filler to Vacumatic, 1933; introduction of Speedline filler, 1937 (lockdown fillers not immediately discontinued); introduction of Blue Diamond clip, 1939; plastic plungers, elimination of barrel jewel, 1942 (some 1942 pens made with metal fillers).

The best of the Vacumatics are the top-line models of the '30s, as illustrated above.

The filler units are all-metal, the nibs are two-tone, there is a "jewel" and tassie ring at the end of the barrel, and both jewels and the section are laminated (at the end of the decade, many pens came with nonremovable "bullseye" barrel jewels, which appear black in light that is less than bright).

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