Polite rejection dating

This is to help you to try to gain clarity and justification over your reasoning especially as having clear answers to “why?” may pre-empt the questions of the person you may reject.This feeling of lack of control over the situation.This can be the most difficult bit to deal with as you want or think you want something but it is out of your power to have it.- We will never charge you to use any part of the site, leaving you free to search for someone you like!

In the short term, concentrate on looking after yourself, try and eat healthy meals, exercise, go for a walk to clear your mind, see friends; looking after you health and well-being, concentrating on the basics can have a good affect on how you view things.

I mentioned “the state of your life” at the time of rejection; for example if you have other issues and worries, maybe for example some money issues, since the rejection is in addition to the other problems in your life it could stretch your coping mechanisms.

A number of different emotions can be felt all at different times which can add to the difficulties with handling rejection. " It may help to try and see this from the point of view of the person who rejected you.

Hopefully time to reflect on the situation may help you to accept occurrences and understand from the different points of view why it all happened.

This is never going to be easy and the fact you’re reading this article may indicate that you want to be sensitive to their feelings and emotions.

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