Post dating cheques law

I'm not sure on the laws of it, but it's not uncommon for banks to cash cheques before the date, or after the stale date.

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True that it's most likely processed by a machine (via atm's and such), but it doesn't negate their responsibility.

Section 138 NI is a regulating lawful Act meant to safeguard your money.

Read on to learn all about it here, starting from the SC's latest judgement on dishonored cheques, cheque bounce cases and about Sec 138 NI Act's punishment as prescribed by Indian Law.

As per the meaning of post-dated cheque, it is issuing a cheque to a person for a later date.

The regulating act for the process of post-dated cheques in India is defined under Sec 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.

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