Remove cluster aware updating

If the object hasn't been created, you I gave the computer object full permissions and chose pre-stage within the CAU wiz.Also tried allowing CAU to create the object itself.Take the time to create a prestaged computer account with a name that will mean something to you and your colleagues in a year’s time.If all goes well the wizard will complete with a Success status.

To control the Windows updates, Administrators can control it from WSUS server or from "Windows Update" panel.

You can change this default behaviour so that low priority VMs are moved using live migration, just like medium- and high-priority VMs.

WS2012 R2 Hyper-V uses live migration by default for VMs of all priorities.

We need to configure the Windows Firewall rules in cluster nodes to allow the inbound TCP protocol to remote shutdown. If the cluster is in a branch office, you may need to configure the proxy settings on cluster nodes. The second one is if we use If the cluster is under default container like "Computer", we don't need to prestage a virtual computer object for the CAU clustered role.

To update the firewall rules, we can apply it by "Group Policy" or update it from GUI or Power Shell on each node. If not, please create a computer object in Active Directory Users and Computers and then grant "Allow - full control" for "CU01".

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