Restore iphone without updating to ios 7

There are also a lot of cases in which update can cause a problem because there are users that own an older model and they have only 16gb of storage and that will slow down the phone.

Therefore, restoring your device without update can be the best solution. Before you start with this method, you should backup your important data.

If you want to remove Impactor app you will no be able to remove it directly from Springboard.Succession restores i OS without upgrading i OS on the i Phone by downloading the IPSW file, extracting the root filesystem DMG and then using rsync to replace the files that were modified by the jailbreak.It also removes any additional files from i OS file system that were added during the jailbreak process.To restore i Phone without i Tunes or from i Tunes, different tools can be used.Apple offers different options for you to be able to restore data to your phone.

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